What is the Hidden Gem of London?

The London On The Inside project is a collaboration between the University of East London, the Museum of London and Visualise.

The museum will be hosting an exhibition in its new East Wing for the duration of ‘London On The Inside’.

The exhibition’s focus is on how London has changed over time, with an emphasis on sustainable tourism and green spaces.

London is a place with many faces. It is a city with grand Victorian architecture and one of the most diverse populations in the world. Londoners are proud of their city’s rich history and culture, but they also know that it’s constantly evolving, too.

The city’s ability to change and grow while still maintaining its historic past is what makes it such an exciting and inspiring place to live in today. We can see this dynamic spirit all over town – from the vibrant nightlife on Brick Lane to the trendy restaurants spilling out onto Dalston’s bustling high street; from the foodie hotspots like Borough Market to some of London’s best museums like Tate Britain; from iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace to hidden green spaces like Hampstead Heath; from buzzing work districts like


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