Are you curious our wine selection with which we have famously wowed our customers? With us, you find fun sharing a bottle with loved ones and friends, so when you discover something special, you’re moved to pick more for your utmost relaxation.

Adding new wines to your favorites is always a good idea as you enjoy the company of close friends at our wine bar.

Here are some lovely bottles to keep the smile on your table.

Aia Vecchia Vermentino 2017 (750ml)

Most lovers of Chardonnay who also need something different would certainly enjoy this wine. Spiced with fantastic aroma and a creamy mouthfeel yet crisp finish, this bottle will offer maximum fun when you pop open just at the poolside and enjoy with your summer salad.

Allegrini (750ml)

This mix of 5% Sangiovese, 26% Rondinella, and 70% Corvina Veronese. Allegrini is a smooth flavorful cru creatively made in a ripasso style. This wine which originates from the Northern Italian region of Veneto has gained a lot of international attention. With its attractive ruby red color, this fine wine is spiced with a rich blend of blackberries, dried cherries, and dried thyme. Enthusiasts will always notice a sweet flavor of raisins, and a wild berry perfume.

Alma Negra 2016 (50ml)

With a dark figure appearance black as midnight behind a mask, you can’t easily resist the allure of this mysterious specter. Alma Negra translates to ‘’Black Soul’’, a name given by a famous winemaker; Ernesto Cartena, and this is in relation to the abundant Bonarda grape used in his mix. Spiced with flavorful ingredients, this wine incorporates flavors of black cocoa, and ripe black fruit.

Alois Lageder

This bright and fruit-driven red wine is so light with an alluring smell of rose. It is perfectly suitable to be taken with the combination of seafood oysters. It is also perfect for any hot weather and you just need a glass of chilled red wine.

With its origin from the Northern part of Italy, it is specifically produced with the highest level of care for your complete titilation. It has that attractive sparkle, suitable to pair with any class of cuisine you so desire. Enjoy an extreme flavor of cherry, and cranberry in a glass shot. This will certainly please lovers of Pinot Noir or any other light red wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2014 (750ml)

This Columbian red wine is bright and juicy, with a delectable nose of currants and blueberries with an addition of polished dried herbs. Savor a great taste with a perfect blend of eggplant parmesan, hearty venison stew, tomato-basil brusche, and herb crusted prime rib.

Wine enthusiasts will certainly be pleased with its dark fruit flavors which have a tacky feel. The flavor lasts till the last drop of the wine.