You are welcome to Dego Wine Bar’s online face.

Dego Wine Bar is the foremost premier Retail Wine shop and Wine Bar destination in Newcastle**.** Our special focus is in handcrafted beers, as well as a wide collection of boutique wines to enjoy ‘’by the glass’’ or ‘’by the flight’’. We do this pamper our customers for the true love of beer. You can select your choice beverage from our retail section which focuses on European, North and South American wines and its accessories, just at the center of Newcastle in the UK.

At Dego Wine Bar, we cater to all your needs especially when you organize a private event; whether it is a sit down or cocktail. With our capacity to serve from 120-300 guests, we can accommodate any size of group, whether large or small.

We are not just an everyday pretentious wine bar; we always feature varied music types, several local artists, and a rotating wine list. Dego is a wine bar suitable for just any type of occasion.

It is really quite impossible to visit the Dego wine bar and end up not getting a friend. Whether it’s a nice time with local singers, or jazz nights where customers gather for fun and relaxation, or for just a glass of their favorite variety brew after work, you will certainly be spellbound, enjoying a pleasurable time and experience, as well make new connections at our wine bar.

Experience sophistication in a beautiful wine community, just a nearby location from the central shopping complex**.** Come by and relax with a glass of wine alongside other folks; be it a wine flight or you can decide to take some bottles with you.

We all need a place to unwind after the day’s work. So why not indulge yourself with a glass of wine, cold beer or champagne? Join us for fun and happy moments every day until 8:30 pm with a moderate fee.