Become a member at our Dego Wine Bar and benefit from the massive discounts as well as other benefits which we offer.

By being a member of our wine club, you accept and agree that you have studied provisions of the Terms and Conditions, accept that you clearly understand them and agree to legally obey the terms that we provide.

Every member is expected to pay annual club fee in joining the club, as well as renewing the payment the following year.

Join our wine club of over 250 members and allow us to select unique bottles for you every month. It is an exciting way to explore new wine producers, and increase your knowledge level about wine.

Membership Benefits

There are several other benefits we are offering committed members and they include;

  • Every registered member of the Dego Wine Bar will receive huge discount on every case and enjoy paired appetizers and wine preview for just a little fee on every month.

  • Free quarterly member release party. You’ll be opportune to learn about the wines and enjoy a rewarding tasting.

  • Enjoy a robust discount on purchase of 10 bottles or more of any wine.

  • You will also benefit a 15 percent slash off your first bottle each time you visit and the same discount goes for every tasting, class, wine dinners, and other special events.

  • As a registered member, you can also have the opportunity to have 10 bottles of top- quality wine delivered to you every third month; or if you wish, you can collect your choice wines at the wine store.

We regulate our membership options every month. With this, you are requested to meet with your server to get registered today.